MicroGrid Energy Solution

In a bid to reduce our dependence on the Coal power utility Eskom, we offer our customers a 100% Renewable energy solution in the form of an BioLNG fueled MicroGrid. It is an embedded combined power and heat (CHP) generation system which can be operated in ether Off-Grid or Grid-tied configurations. This system is typically designed for the large food manufactures, high energy consumers up to 4MW/h. Companies with hot and cold manufacturing processes that cannot be interrupted by loadshedding and power interruptions. Companies with their own distribution truck fleets and green ambitions.

This MicroGrid solution consists of:

  • A set of CHP gas generators installed next to the factory
  • A Solar system
  • A BioLNG filling station as a Diesel replacement for the distribution truck fleet
  • And a regular supply of BioLNG

Competitive advantages and customer value proposition  

      • 30% reduction in total energy cost
      • 98% Energy Security, no power interruptions
      • 86% Energy Efficiency compared to <30%
      • 120% reduction in CO2 emissions using BioLNG as a fuel
      • Carbon Tax Rebates which amount to 8% cost saving
      • Return On investment (ROI) 3.5 years 
Utility Name Fuel Cost ZAR/kWh Emissions /CO2e/kW/h Energy Efficiency Energy Security
Eskom Coal R1.95-4.10 1030g <30% 80%
Diesel Generators Diesel R4.50 850g <40% 90%
Local CNG/LNG suppliers Fossil CNG/LNG R2.50 250g 43/85% CHP 98%
ROMPCO Pipeline gas CNG R2.50 250g 43/85% CHP 98%
HyaPOWER BioLNG R2.05 -220g 43/85% CHP 98%

We have three Finance Options available:

  • 8-year Power Purchase Agreement
  • Equipment rental
  • And Equipment rent to own

Gas to Electric Power

We are planning some of our Biomethane production to generate renewable power to be injected into the Eskom grid. The amount of power we will be generating will depend on the demand and the tariff at the time of negotiation. In full production if we use all our gas for power generation, we will be able to generate 55MWh. We will use CHP (Combined Heat and Power) generators or CCGT (Combined Cycle Gas Turbine) with CHP for this purpose to maximize on energy efficiency. By using CHP system we can increase or energy efficiency up to almost 90%, thereby reducing emission.

Transportation fuel replacement

BioLNG/CNG is a carbon negative replacement fuel for Petrol and Diesel, it already complies with 2050 GHG targets and can be used to decarbonize the transport industry. All the equipment is available and have been very successfully implemented in many countries around the world. It is slowly gaining momentum in South Africa. We are planning a LNG/CNG fitment centre and filling station at our main premises.

Technology partnerships

Technology partnerships is one of the pillars of our business model. Therefore, we will continuously develop our partnerships with our suppliers and customer. This will create mutual opportunities and we seek to meet our customer needs.