Vision, Mission and Values


Our vision is to become a world leading renewable energy company fighting the effects of pollution while growing a green economy.  


Our mission is to:

  • Transform our polluted dams like the Hartbeespoort dam from “Ecological disasters” into “Aquatic Bioenergy Farms”.
  • Create a profitable, sustainable and renewable energy business out of restoring and maintaining the ecology of our dams.
  • Blueprint our technology and duplicate it worldwide where there is a similar problem and create a new green industry in Aquatic Bioenergy Farming.
  • Create direct and indirect green jobs.








Achievements and Awards (BBBEE and CLP)

    • HyaPOWER is 90% black owned and 60% black woman owned. As a startup we managed to secure a Level 2 certification. This should change soon to Level 1 as our list of black owned suppliers grow. See attached BBBEE Certificate
    • As a startup focused on the fight against climate change, HyaPOWER managed to make it to the Top-16 of the Global Grand Final of the ClimateLaunchpad Competition for 2021. See attached Certificate

See the following link for our 5min pitch:

See the following link for more information on ClimateLaunchpad:

CSI (Corporate Social investment)

    • Skills Development: The ‘Aquatic Energy Farm’ business model is unique and will come with many unique staffing opportunities. Therefore, many staff members will have to be trained and developed into specific roles according to the business operational needs from management and professionals down to unschooled workers.
    • Extended business opportunities: We will create downstream business opportunities by appoint 30 small local farmers as resellers of our organic fertilizer and animal feed by-products.
    • Direct Job creation: In total we will 200 new green jobs.
    • Indirect Job creation: The pollution and the huge hyacinth infestation led to water restriction which has a negative impact on the Tourism industry, the property market and the property development industry around the dam. This has led to job losses. By restoring the ecology of our dams, we will also restore the economy around the dams and this will lead to the indirect creation of jobs.
    • SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) we will be addressing are Water Pollution, Air Pollution, High Energy cost, Low Energy Security and Unemployment.